My daughter and I were shopping in Italy.

I had just given her 100 euros to spend.

We saw a woman sitting on the ground holding her baby and an empty bottle.

She didn't beg, she wouldn't even look at us.

My daughter stopped and gave her all the money.

She cried, kissed my daughters hand and thanked her.

My daughter's kindness GMH.
I have really bad anxiety to the point of having an ulcer.
One thing that really makes me anxious is talking on the phone.
The other day my friend Austin called me. I didn't want to answer, but I did. He talked to me, told me jokes, and sang to me.
Austin, your friendship GMH.

My dad was told he had 14 months to live in 2006.

He went home and sat outside praying that he would see his three children graduate from highschool.

Both my brothers graduated, and he keeps on telling me "don't worry, I'll be at your graduation in 3 years, I love you"

I love you dad, you GMH.

For months a girl from my daughters school has been calling my 14 year old daughter.

One day my daughter rushed to the phone when it rang and said 'Hello?' o this girl.

I burst out into tears. My daughter hasn't talked since she was 6. 

My daughter's friend GMH

I live in a large city where the three public high schools don't get along at all.

Last spring, a senior at my school was severely injured in a ski accident and was paralyzed from the waist down.Within days, all three schools had banded together to raise money for him and his family.Community GMH.