My father had cancer last year.

One night he was sitting on the edge of the bathtub because he wasn't feeling well.

He tried to get up and he couldn't and he began to cry.

My mom was right there and helped him through it.

She cared for him with endless love for the rest of his life.

Mom, your courage and LGMH

Today, I was walking by in the rain when I saw a girl in the street, dancing around without a hood or an umbrella, to her iPod with no headphones.

When she saw me, she pulled me over and we jumped around to the music.

When it finished, she smiled and ran away.

I'd been having a really bad day, and the random funniness of a stranger GMH.

There's a girl with mental "handicaps" that I'm friends with.

I helped her in class.

That made the class harder for me and I was often behind, but that didn't matter.

She also started eating lunch with me.

People said I'm so good to her, but had no idea I was suicidal, or that she helped ME.

That girl, crooked smile and all, gives me hope.
I just arrived in Starbucks.

There was a man in an electric wheelchair sitting by the door.

I watched as one of the baristas stood there chatting to him, even going so far as to lift the straw to his lips so he could drink.

A barista going beyond his call of duty GMH
My first boyfriend called me one day and broke up with me for no legit reason at all.

I've been depressed ever since.

His best friend has texted me and called me almost every single day since then to make sure I'm doing okay and I have someone to talk to.

His unexpected friendship GMH.