My dogs treatment cost $1300. My mom now has nothing Eve also has bladder issues, my mom cannot afford her any longer, she burst into tears in front of the vet.

A lady saw and gave her extra money to help pay for Eve. She told us that she's been there God blessed her, now we deserve the same.

She GMH.
One day I got broken up with pretty brutally. Right after I miscarried our baby. I was ready to end it all when I decided I would tell someone.

Just one, random person off of a roulette style chat page. The person I talked to that night talked me down and got me through it. He still checks on me.

His compassion for a stranger GMH.

I suffer from depression and when I was sixteen a chain of bad events happened leading me to the brink of suicide.

That night as I cried quietly in my room my little sister (7) sat with me until I stopped crying. She told me that I was beautiful and the she loved me.

Danna, you are the reason I am alive today.


15 Surprising Facts About The Wizard of Oz

It’s called “Return to Oz” and not surprisingly was much less successful than the original. The story goes that six months after returning, Dorothy has trouble sleeping and is obsessed with her adventures from Oz. Her aunt and uncle are extremely disturbed because they see their niece as closer to insane than creative.

They take Dorothy to a doctor where she is treated by various techniques, including electric shock therapy, before she almost drowns and wakes up in Oz once again. Oz is in ruins and a war of sorts is going on. Dorothy and a fellow mental patient traverse the lands and meet a host of new characters before setting things right and returning to Kansas.

The movie received mixed reviews, but was generally labeled as more dark and creepy. However, like most strange movies, it has since gained a cult following.


My great-grandmother died at the age of 92.
She was sick in the hospital for over a month.

She told her daughter "if you see a butterfly, know that I am okay."

The day she passed away, her daughter was at work and a yellow butterfly landed on her desk 5 minutes before she received the call.

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I've been having really hard times at home and starting to be a bit depressed. I've been snapping at my friends all of the time.

Every time I tell my best friend that I'm having a rough day, she shows up the following day with a letter full of phrases or drawings to cheer me up, saying that she's there for me no matter what

She GMH.