A woman I knew had breast cancer, and she needed surgery as soon as possible in order to live.

Her family took her to the hospital, but they found out that treating her would cost thousands of dollars more than they had.

It was Christmas Day.

The doctor performed the surgery for free.
A homeless man often used to say hello to me and my mum when we walked past him.

He has AIDS, his mother killed herself when he was 13, and his father killed his sister not long after.

Just after Easter a few years back, a passer by gave him an Easter egg.

As we walked past him, he gave it to my little sister.

ASH, you're a legend.
My online friend of 7 years said she was moving to where I love, but we couldn't meet, cause her mom is over protective.
One day I went to the park, and somebody ran into me, it was a girl my age.
We started talking and I told her about my online friend.
She looked at me and said, "That's me.."
We're both 14 now and still best friends.
She GMH!
15 Medical Facts You Should Know

For some reason, in 1943, West Virginian coal miner Emilio Franco lost his ability to speak. He remained mute, and doctors could not find any medical reason for his lack of speech. It turns out that all Franco needed was a ride on a roller coaster.

In 1949, six years after his initial silence, Franco rode the Coney Island Cyclone coaster with his cousin. The coaster was incredibly popular. It featured an 85 ft drop and was advertised as "The Most Fearsome Coaster Ever Built." With frequent riders, it paid off it's $100,000 cost in just one year. When Franco stumbled off the ride, his first words in years were "I feel sick."


A girl in my gym class opened up to me today.

She told me about how she had been brutally raped and almost died having been left in the woods overnight.

She got pregnant, but miscarried.

At 13 years old.

She never let it get to her and lives her life without fear.

Gabby, your strength GMH.
Every now and again, my dad will stop our car in the middle of the road for what seems like no reason.

Almost every time, he'll exit the car and help a turtle across the street.

Dad, your compassion GMH.