200 disabled people come to my school every year, we all do activities with them for 2 hours.

Most teenagers leave early or don't turn up. Each year my friend Sophie stays for at least 8 hours, they all love her, and she is so happy.

Her disabled brother shows her off to all his friends. She GMH

The family across the street has a little boy with mental disabilities.

My 12 year old brother saw him sitting in his front yard alone, holding a soccer ball.

My brother said, "I'm going to go play with Ethan so he has a friend."

Noah, you GMH.

Today, my friend wrote on facebook 'happy 16th birthday Ashley Howard.

RIP' I clicked on Ashley's name and scrolled down her wall.

Her friends had written on her wall EVERYDAY since her death 3 months ago.

They GMH.

I was made fun of throughout my entire life.

Abandoned by my real father, beaten for 12 years by my step father.

I was always the outcast and never had friends. I now am starting varsity in 3 highschool sports, homecoming king, scouted by 5 colleges and national honors society.

All it takes is you not caring about what others think, and God GMH

A boy in a school was once bullied for wearing a pink shirt.

A couple guys in his school saw the next day they got as many people in the school as they could to wear pink shirts the next day.

And now it has spread across Canada to my school and we celebrate pink shirt day.

People who band together GMH.