I was standing in the check out line at the local grocery store.

The lady bagging groceries was special needs.All of a sudden a man in a suit and tie came up to her and handed her a beautiful red rose and walked away.
She smiled and showed it off to everyone.
His kindness GMH.

Tonight it stormed,

I stood on my balcony watched the trees in the woods shake in the wind and listened to rain.

Understanding there's something bigger out there GMH.

My best friend I loved eachother like sisters.

We had a huge fight on my 17th birthday and haven't talked since then.

2 months ago, I was in a car accident.When I woke up in hospital my best friend was by my bedside.Being close to death,I had said her name all night and after a year of not talking, she waited the night for me to wake.Her LGMH.

I've spent the week cleaning out my grandfather's home he's 92 and moving out of his home from the past 40 years.

In his top desk drawer I found every valentine's card my grandmother gave him.

They were married 65 years, their love GMH.

Life can get better.

As I fall deeper into the sad reality of depression, eating disorders and self harm it often feels like there's no escape.

My friends support me so much and without them I'd be nothing.

My best friends give me hope