I told my daughter A few days ago that I couldn't go with her on our trip because I could aford my ticket.

Today I came home to find that she had set up a garage sale and was selling all of her things.

When asked why she told me that she woundn't leave me behind.

Megan you GMH.
Last year I was admitted into the hospital for depression.

One night was particularly bad and I was crying in the hallway to a worker there and a boy noticed.

He walked by my room and when I finally stopped crying and got in bed I noticed he put a note on my bed saying "you're beautiful."

Over the past 4 months, my best friend (someone I considered my brother) passed away in an accident and I was also diagnosed with panic disorder.

Following these events, 3 people stepped up to make sure I knew that I wasn't alone and they were going to be there for me.

Your compassion & benevolence GMH
11 Shocking Facts About Steven Spielberg

If you’re familiar with Schindler’s List and Steven Spielberg (or even just have a vague knowledge of common Jewish last names) then you can understand why doing the movie was a difficult experience for him. 

If not, then it’s worth knowing that Steven Spielberg is a highly famous and influential Jewish filmmaker, and Schindler’s List is a 1993 film based on the story of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman who saved the lives of over a thousand refugees during the Holocaust. 

The shooting of the film was very emotional for Spielberg due to his roots and the antisemitism he faced as a child. There were some scenes in the film that, heavily based in reality, were so dark that he couldn’t watch while they were filmed. So dreary were things that Robin Williams took to calling Spielberg every two weeks to lift his spirits with various jokes, mainly because there wasn’t much humor on the set. 

On the subject of the filming, Spielberg later said “I was hit in the face with my personal life. My upbringing. My Jewishness... And Jewish life came pouring back into my heart. I cried all the time." 


My best friend has cancer, and is all puffy because of treatments.

Anytime she talks to someone they usually give her a weird look. One day this boy walked up to her and told her she was the prettiest girl he's ever saw, and walked away.

We never got his name, but he GMH.

At the resort I was staying at, there was a little bridge no more than 100 ft.

LongThere was an elderly couple walking in front of me

The 30 sec.Walk turned into 30 min.Not one person from the entire line pushed or complained

Understanding people, and the patience and love of a partner GMH.