This past fall my friend committed suicide..

His 13 year old brother, despite his own sorrow, stood beside everyone else including myself.

He gave us all strength when he was the one most broken.

Kody, your strength GMH

The other day my father, Tim, was driving & he saw an old woman standing on a corner waiting for a bus.

3 hours later, he saw her again on the same corner, so he stopped and asked what she was doing. Her knee was swollen so she couldn't walk.

The bus never came. She told my dad she prayed for someone to come.

My dad drove her home. My dad GMH

A friend was raped earlier this year.

She skipped school, and had to do the school year once more.

She lost 33 lbs.

The rapist committed to the crime, but claimed it was voluntarily sex, not rape.

The case was closed.

Yet, she's still staying strong, and over the last couple of months she's become one of the most amazing girls I know.

She GMH.
A girl in my cheer squad has been through so much.

Her mum is an alcoholic, and has been in and out of rehab for years.

Her dad died last week.

But, I never see her without a smile.

Lucy, you GMH
A few years ago I was waiting for the bus and it started raining really hard.

I didn't have an umbrella and I was using my school blazer to stop me from getting wet.

One man pulled up, handed me his umbrella and drove off.

That man's kindness GMH