A gay guy was being made fun of in the hallway near the boys locker room.

A freshman girl saw this, and rushed up to the boys, telling them to back off. They laughed at her and she punched one of them in the face.

She got suspended. Outside in the parking lot afterwards the guy hugged her and thanked her.

Standing up for what's right GMH

An elderly man walked up to me and my mom as we were going into a store.

He explained that he served in the Vietnam war and, as a result of being directly affected by Agent Orange, had cancer and was blind.

He never asked us for any money. He just wanted to be treated like a human being.

His perserverance through times like these GMH

I have Dyslexia and am always struggling in school.

One day, while I was struggling to read a passage in my textbook, a random guy sat by me and read the passage for me.

We have been dating for two years. Babe, you GMH
I was mugged late at night, and after the thieves ran away I was completely alone. As I was calling 911, a man walking his dogs heard me screaming into the phone. He took it and told 911 where we were. He let me cry on his shoulder, hug his dogs, and talked to me about them and my dogs to calm me down. I never even got to know his name. He GMH.
My Mom has a disease called Lupus.

Its debilitating so much that she no longer knows what it's like to live a day without pain.

It kills me inside to know that she lives like that and with everything in me I wish I had the power to take that pain away.

My Mom gets up and goes to work every day that she can.

Her strength and love for life GMH.