A while back I saw a veteran on the bus.

He was rambling.A lot of the other passengers were avoiding him.

Before he left, a teen couple shook his hand.

The girl told him she hoped his wife comes back and the boy gave him a bracelet for luck.They had been listening the entire time. Those two GMH.

Mum, We don't always get along. In fact, we argue a lot, don't we?

But I know some of what you've been through - illness, infertility, major surgery, me being a typical teenager.

I didn't want to be upset with you today. I'm trying to be good.

I'm sorry I frustrate you. It's hard for me too. Nonetheless, you GMH.

Today at a baseball game, a lady had a seisure and hit her head.

Abunch of the moms ran over to help her.

None of them knew her, but they saved her life.

They GMH !

A boy in my grade attempted suicide 2 days before Thanksgiving.

Everyone wrote on his Facebook wall saying how much they love him and how important he is while his was hospitalized.

On Thanksgiving his parents got on his Facebook for him and thanked everyone for supporting him.

All his friends GMH.

Today, my best friend told me that I make him smile.

I try my hardest to make people smile, because I hate to see people have bad days.

I know I make people smile, but it feels really nice to have someone take notice and tell me.

Making people smile and knowing I've succeeded GMH