My boyfriend helped me get out of a bad living situation, quit smoking and start turning my life around.

I have bad anxiety, and he helps me through it, even though he has it himself.

We aren't together anymore, and I'm still crazy about him, and even though sometimes I can be mean, lash out, and be a poor friend he never leaves my side.

Matt, your never ended support, dedication and friendship has saved me in more ways than you know.

You mean the world to me and you GMH.

Two weeks ago my older twin sister died from cancer.

When I got called down to the office in the middle of gym I didn't know what had happend. I went back to class with tears pouring down my cheeks Over 50 kids in my class came over and we had a group hug.

I only knew 13 of them. There comfort to a complete stranger GMH.

I'm homeless, jobless and struggling with a fully blown depression. I'm lonely never had a girlfriend.
I'm 25 and I'm not very good to look at.
My so called friends keeps me around for their entertainment.
So many time I've tried to end my life.
But today some stranger took me fed me and gave a place to stay for now. I thought I lost hope.
I told her that my parents were unbearable and that I was really upset. I told her that I was going to run away.

She surprised me when she told me to tell her when, so she could come with me.

She GMH.
There's always that guy in your school that seems like the player.

Well today that guy came out of the closet.

He admitted he was gay to the whole school, and didn't even care what they thought.

Matt,your guts give me hope!