One of my best friends died over Easter.

Not even a week later, his sister had prepared a large gathering for his closest friends at their house, to look through mementos and talk about times spent with him that were new stories for others there.

His sister smiled and laughed all night and has been so incredibly strong.

Her strength GMH.
My boyfriend died 3 weeks ago. I knew he was popular, but the amount of people who have shown their love and support on Facebook has completely shocked me.

The things they are saying about him make me fall in love all over again.

The way he changed people's lives for the better GMH.
I was playing against a soccer team.
There was a girl on the other team in a wheelchair and a head shaved.

Well, when one of the girls on the team scored a goal.
Then the whole team yelled, "FOR EMILY!"

The girl in the wheelchair looked shocked and even started to cry.

That team GMH.
11 Reasons Kids Are People Too

In a Nevada high school, high school Senior Tyler Coyner decided that he would change his grades to be Salutatorian of his school! Supposedly, Coyner was also charging other students to change their grades as well, but it was never made clear whether he actually changed grades other than his own. 

Coyner was a good student as it was, so he didn’t have to change many grades to become salutatorian. He was just barely behind the actual salutatorian, and just needed to change a B+ to an A- to get the award. 

Administrators didn’t even notice because the change in his grades was so small. He ended up giving the speech as salutatorian, and spoke about how he learned what it meant to be a good student at his school. 

In another school, Palos Verdes High School, three kids were running a grade-changing business. The three students were Juniors and charged other students around $300 to change their grades. In order to hack the computers, they installed keystroke loggers on teacher computers to learn their teachers’ usernames and passwords. 

They used this information to help many other students cheat and make a huge profit!


My girlfriend was the first to see it. When she saw it I just started to cry I couldn't hold it , the amount of sadness in her eyes hurt more than the cuts on my wrists.

That's when I stopped I never wanted to see that in her eyes again the sadness hurt too much

She GMH.
My parents wedding anniversary was last week.
My dad had died in a war three months earlier.

My boyfriend came over with roses and took my mom out to dinner.