People care more now, than then.

Today, I had to go to the counselor's office for an unknown reason. As I got down there, the counselor said that a few people were worried about me being bullied.

He didn't say who it was. He went through our entire class of names, asking if I was bullied by them. I only said yes to one person.

The people GMH

I have two amazing best friends.

They have gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life, battling through the depression + the loss of my brother.

Without you both I'd be dead by now, you two keep me living.

Samoa & Susanah, your undying love and friendship GMH.

A good friend of mine passed away from cystic fibrosis three years ago at 15.

This spring when flowers started to bloom, everyone on my street planted orange flowers, her favorite color, in front and around their house in memory of her.My neighbors love for someone they didn't know GMH.
At the age of fifteen I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

As the months went by my memory faded.

I was sitting there crying with my best friend.

She took my hand and a sharpie and wrote "you are my best friend."

I haven't forgotten it to this very day.My best friend GMH.
I'm nannying two kids this summer and spending all day with them two days a week.

I love them, they are the sweetest kids ever, but I was scared they wouldn't like me.

Halfway through summer, the mom told me the kids would rather spend the day with me than go to summer camp.

They didn't like the camp but like me.

Little goofballs, you GMH.