In May my best friend's mother died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest the day of our Varsity State game.

The whole team rushed to the hospital. The game was to be cancelled.

She said no. She wanted to play. All the players wore yellow tape with her mom's initials as did the other team.

I've never seen her play so hard. Elise your strength, GMH

My sister, Grace, is 13 years old.

She is going to shave her head for cancer, April 26th, along with over 40 other kids in my school.

Their love and compassion GMH
Just over a year ago, an old friend introduced me to one of her best friends.

He and I quickly developed an incredibly strong friendship, even after moving 800 miles away.

Turns out, just before we met, he'd almost killed himself.

A, your strength to hang on GMH.
My older cousin, Nathan, whom is like my big brother fought for his country and now his life.He's battling his cancer and is well on his way to remission.

No matter how sick he is, he always spares at least a few minutes with his 4 year old son.

A father's love for his child and country GMH.

Through my horrible struggles with mental illnesses, self-harm and suicide attempts you never have and will never give up on me.

I love you.

Bonnie, you GMH