After going to Winter Formal with my friend Erin(as just friends) my freshmen year, I promised myself I won't go to another dance until I found a girl worth going with.

This year, I realized I already had one.

She's not my date, she's my best friend, Erin.

Here's hoping for another day as good as February 6th our freshman year.

Sunshine, YOU GMH.

My best friend was looking down one day at school, so I asked her what was wrong.

She told me that her step dad had called her fat, and her mom hadn't done anything about it.

I was the only one she told.

Reagan, your trust in me GMH.

My best friend and I were texting each other.

During one of our conversations, my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me.

I was devastated by the break-up, I forgot to text my friend back.

Three hours later, I answered the door, to hear my friend say "I knew something was wrong."

It was 3 am.

Our best friend telepathy GMH!

I was working at my cashier job after a really bad day.

I was near tears, and wanted to go home.

Soon, an old man got in my line.

He smiled and looked up at me, and said "You don't know this, but these are the best years of your life.You have so much ahead of you and you don't even know it."

He softly smiled and walked away.

People like him GMH
I was in the girls washroom at school the other day, and in one stalls someone had written about how they were suicidal because they were so ugly and hated.

Beside it, someone else wrote:

"You are beautiful!"Along with acts of kindness GMH.