An awkward looking, chubby, insecure girl w/ a boy haircut walked into a new classroom in 5th grade

While trying to decide where to sit among the unfamiliar faces and giggling strangers, the cutest boy in the class told her he saved her a seat next to him.

That boy's love that day will always GMH.

I went on a retreat this past weekend, and during the retreat, we all wrote notes to each other, not to be read until we went home.

I have graduation tests for high school this week, and I've been reading a few of the notes every day before school.

They inspire me to do my best.

My retreat buddies GMH
At School I go around telling people they're beautiful, just to see them smile.
One Day a boy said it back, and I just stopped for a moment, and smiled.
"I think that's the first time anyone has ever said it back."
I admitted.
And he said "That's sad, because you are very beautiful."
almost cried.
That boy Gives Me Hope.

Yesterday was leaf pick up day in our city.

We have an elderly neighbor that can barely tend to himself.

He saw my mom struggling to blow the leaves as her leaf blower broke.

She went to the store to get it fixed, when she got back her whole lawn was blown.

People that can barely take care of themselves but take care of everyone elseGMH!

My family and I were driving home tonight when we noticed a man lying in the road next to his motorcycle.

My father parked the car and rushed to the man's side.

Even though there were other people there, my father refused to leave.

He talked to him until the ambulance arrived.

My father and his concern/compassion for a stranger in need GMH.