Today at my school, one of the football players was signing to go to a big college to play.

As he got up to make his speach the first thing he said was "I gotta thank God for letting me be all that I am and for being here today."

He didn't care that most of the student body was sitting in front of him.

Dakota GMH for his unashamed faith in God.

My Grandma raised 3 young boys on her own after my Grandpa passed away.

Then 19 years later her and my Dad raised me after my mother left. She lived to be 96 and was a fighter all the way.

I miss you Gramma but you GMH every day.

Today I noticed nearly every kid in school wearing string tied around their wrists.

When I asked a girl in my class why she told me that it was in loving memory of a girl who had lost her life to cyber bullying.

All you kids out there who are taking a stand and saying that bullying isn't okay, you GMH

Drug lord Pablo Escobar burned $2 million to save his daughter from the cold!

The Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar Gaviria, who died in 1993, made a bonfire with two million dollars in cash to prevent their daughter from dying of cold. They were in hiding at a farm in the mountains surrounding the city of Medellin, Colombia. He did everything humanly possible to save the lives of his family and body guard. He made the fire with tickets, because the people who accompanied him in the hideout went cold and hungry because they had few supplies. Pablo Escobar’s daughter, Manuela, was the worst one affected by the cold. Escobar became obsessive about protecting his wife, Maria Victoria Henao, and his two sons, after suffering an attack in the hideout. Things got crazier with time and more desperate. Escobar was obsessed with reading all the Colombian newspapers each day and watching the afternoon and evening news. He ended up dying in the hideout in 1993.


This year my media studies class did a fundraiser to help abused women and children, we raised over $10,000.

As a reward our teacher phoned a pizza place for a surprise party. The real surprise? 16 pizzas had already been paid for by our volunteer fire department.

They had already donated $500.

Our fire department GMH

My Grandpa has been in and out of the hospital never home since august.

My family spends each weekend visting him and we spent thanksgiving in the ER thinking he would die. Today when we visted him he was the best he's been since august.

He said he loved me. This was the best Christmas gift I have ever gotten, even if it came late.

My grandpa GMH