My grandma was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer about a year ago.

The pain is getting unbearable that none of her medications are working anymore but yet she keeps fighting for her life. Why?

I've asked, she said to see me and her other grand kids get married and have kids.

My grandma being strong and fighting every day GMH.
I am madly in love with this guy.

Today, his mom just randomly on facebook told me she loves me and that I'm beautiful and blessed.

She told me she thinks I'm very sweet and was completely gushing with compliments.

She inspires me so much because she dedicates here life to helping others.

Mrs Munoz you GMH!!!!

Love you!!!
My older brother and I used to fight all the time, and it was more one sided than anything.

But when some kids back in high school picked on me he was the angriest I'd ever seen him.

And he hugged me almost as tight as our mom when I moved away.

Saying he loved me, and would miss me and the little things that he did GMH
11 Weirdly Interesting Facts About Moolah

Following the release of Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band 2, the popularity of the franchises began to wane. In the wake of this, titles like Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and The Beatles Rock Band were being released to a high degree of success.

Though Aerosmith’s own Guitar Hero, released in 2008, was very successful and popular, many people were displeased with some omissions on the song selection. Additionally, many felt that a lack of improvements in the gameplay made the game feel not worth it.

Despite this, the game sold like hotcakes. In its first week, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith sold more than 550,000 copies, grossing more than 25 million in sales. In the following three months, it sold over a million copies and made $50 million dollars. Aerosmith also benefitted in album sales with a 40% sales increase.

Though the exact numbers aren’t known, Aerosmith earned more from the game than album sales. Of course, not all of this was from the game’s royalties. Merchandising and concert sales were both boosted from the game. Today, the game has sold 3.6 million units.


My best friend has a severe case of Dysautonomia.

Every day, she struggles.

She collapses, has seizures, and very rarely has enough energy to leave the house and be "normal."

Instead of sulking though, she spends almost all her time working on her foundation to help teens just like her.

She GMH.

I work at a fast food restaurant.

The other day a person pulled up and ordered five burgers and a drink. It wasn't until I saw them pull out that I also noticed a homeless man with a dog.

The person gave him and his dog the food and drink.

The fact that she cared enough to give not only the man food but also his dog. They GMH