I haven't cried in since I was 13.


I'm now 19 and I burst into tears after reading stories from GMH. Sites like these give me hope!!

A girl with severe Autism who doesn't have many friends sang at a coffee house at my school a few months ago. She was off key and everyone could barely hear her, but when she finished singing, the entire audience gave her a standing ovation. I didn't see her stop smiling for the rest of that night. Acceptance of differences gmh

These days, I've been very unhappy, but I put on my mask like usually every day and act normal.

No one notices, except my one friend. He looks at me and can immediately tell when something's wrong.

Even when I lie and say I'm fine, he makes me say what's on my mind.

The fact that you care, GMH

This past january a senior guy from another school in my county was in a horrible wreck, he was brain dead and on life support for week.

There was a FB event to wear red for him over half my school did. The took him off life support he was an organ donor he saved seven lives

People who even after they die save lives GMH. Especially him.

Last summer my sister had to be sent away to a rehab where I wasn't allowed to see her or talk to her for six months.

I became very depressed and would cry constantly.

When my best friend and I had sleepovers she would let me sit there and ruin all the fun by crying.

That genorosity GMH.