My mom and I had gotten in a terrible fight, so I drove away and got ice cream, a movie, and a couple other things.

I checked out and went to the gas station just across the parking lot.

Suddenly a little boy ran up to me and said, "Miss? You forgot one of your bags."

He had run at least half a mile to bring me that bag.

Kids like him GMH.

Today I put a post-it on the corner of the mirror in the bathroom at school saying "Smile :)You're beautiful!"

When I went back into the bathroom, somebody moved the note from the corner of the mirror to the center and wrote under it "This is the most true thing I've seen all day. And it applies to everyone :)"

People like that GMH :)

Lately I have been feeling really down and alone.

While a large amount of my friends overlooked my phase of depression, a middle school boy that I have never talked to came up and asked me if I was okay because I seemed sad over the past few days.

His awareness of another person's feelings GMH.
A member of my church was told she was soon going to die.

Her and her husband prayed that she would live to see her children grow up.

Their 35 year old daughter prepared Christmas dinner this year for all of the family, including her mother who is still going fifteen years after she asked for.

Answer to prayers gives me hope.
My mom has breast cancer and has some trouble with paying for rent and such

She never likes to tell us when she's hurting or down because she stays strong

My moms strength GMH.