There was this kid who used to bully me every day.

He left the school after that same year.

I didn't see him again until about four years down the road, after I'd moved on.

As soon as I saw him, he apologized for how mean he was to me in 6th grade.

His ability to apologize after all those years GMH

A family I am close to lost their 17 year old son.

His little sister who is only 12 has some how stayed strong through all of this.

When her family was called on to the football field to honor her brother, she saw me about to cry and smiled at me when the rest of her family was crying.

Madison you GMH

My Youth leaders are amazing people.

They've helped me through my depression, family troubles and rough times.

They're always there for me no matter what.

They can make me laugh on my worst days and are always encouraging.

Their amazing love GMH.

Two years ago, my mum was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.

She's had a hysterectomy, gone through instant menopause, had 2 rounds of chemotherapy, and she's not even 40 yet.

She is what keeps me working hard, what keeps me positive, and what keeps me strong.

She GMH.

I had a huge ugly scar on my cheek.

One day, a lot were teasing me in school about it which eventually made me run home crying.

When I arrived, my sister saw me cry and hugged me.

She said, "You're the most beautiful sister ever."

Smiling, I hugged her tighter.

My 4 year old sister, Zoe, GMH.