For the last year, my conservative, southern baptist church has taken care of an underprivileged family in our town.

The kicker?

The family is black and also happens to be the first black family in our church congregation.

My church's ability to look past racial and cultural differences to help those in need gives me hope.

My older brother was born clinically dead.

His doctors wouldn't give up trying to save his life.

I've just returned from my older brother's high school graduation.

My brother, Mat, and his doctors GMH.

Friday, my Teacher found out I had been raped and hit by my exboyfriend.

She took me down to the guidance office, and instead of leaving me down there, she stayed with me for the whole day, and helped me tell my mom.

She hugged me, and cried for me.Teachers who care GMH.

At my school there was a boy named Travis who had turrets.

He always complimented girls saying things like "Looking beautiful today ladies."

He was the sweetest boy I knew.

Since he was a senior, the whole school voted for him for Homecoming King.

He was so happy, he wore the crown on his head every day after he won.
My boyfriend an I have been together for 2 and a half years.

I've gone through depression and self harm and he would always be there by my side when he could

He talks about marriage and a family and says he will love me until the end of time

Andrew your love GMH