I walked home in tears today because I was told I was too ugly for the world.

As I walked home not wanting to talk or see anyone, I felt like somebody was hugging me.

It was my best guy friend Matt.

He said to me that I was too pretty for words and I shouldn't cry.

He then wiped away my tears. Matt will always GMH.

I broke up with my boyfriend.

It was mostly a mutual decision, and I had seen it coming for a while. I had told my best friend that I was fine, and I was.

But it still brought a smile to my face when I opened my locker to see a sign that said "I LOVE YOU!"

Signed by her. She GMH

Grace is my lunch buddy and she is also special needs.

She has been trying to teach me spanish, because she is fluent and I don't know any, and today she gave me a "test."

Guess who got 100% ?

Her small victories GMH.
15 Shocking Facts About Smoking

Ever been annoyed when you had to strap on that lead vest while getting an x-ray? Just think of all the radiation you would be exposed to if you didn’t have that blocking a lot of it. Now then think that if you smoke cigarettes, you get that much radiation anyway! Scientists had trouble determining why exactly cigarettes were so dangerous and caused so many health risks. 

Statistically, the chemicals in tobacco are far less dangerous than most people think, and the numbers don’t exactly add up. However, scientists have determined that tobacco is so bad for you because it’s actually radioactive. In the 1930’s farmers began using a cheap fertilizer called apatite, which causes the tobacco to taste sweet, but also has uranium in it. By inhaling the smoke from this apatite, we inhale radioactive particles, severely damaging our body and organs. 

My best friend died when I was in the 6th grade.

I'm now a senior in high school. Yesterday I found a letter taped to my window.

In it was the bracelet he made me. With an old note from him telling me to never stop smiling.

He wrote it before the accident.

Random stranger & Brent,you GMH

This weekend was my prom weekend.

After prom, I went down the shore with a group of friends, including a boy who's liked me since freshman year.After a couple hours, I was drunk and he wasn't.

Rather than taking advantage of me he laid me down to sleep and made sure I was OK.

His chivalry GMH.