I have been talking about committing suicide to one of my friends for the past couple of months

When last Thursday I got called down to the guidance office at school.

I found out that my friend took the time out of his day to go to my principle and tell her what has been going on.

Anthony, your love and support GMH.

He was born 4 months premature.

The doctors said that he only had a 5% chance of living, and even if he did live, he'd have medical problems his entire life.

And now, he's 19 years old, perfectly healthy, halfway through an LDS mission in Uganda.

My big brother GMH

As I was walking down the mall, I came across a man on crutches.

He only had one leg.As he went on by almost everyone passing him stared and gave him strange looks but that didn't matter to him.He just smiled and confidently went along with his day, ignoring the stares.People that don't care about what others think GMH.
I was having a conversation with my friend in her car, and I ended up venting all my self esteem problems I had never told anyone before.

The entire time she kept opening the car door, and I had no idea why.When I was done she told me it was because I looked so pretty in the light.Her love GMH.
Around a week after my brother graduated high school he decided to invite a new friend of his over for the night.

His friend was grateful and so respectful towards us for having him stay.

He gave my brother a small gift before he left and we asked why.

He told us at 18 years old he had never not once been invited over to a friends house.