A boy at my school with mental problems sang a song at a concert

It was out of tune and time, but everyone begun to clap and sing along with him.

The look of happiness on his face made my day.

Music GMH.

Today I walked past a mirror and thought, that girl is beautiful.

That girl was me.

I have had a eating disorder for over ten years.

The ability to recover and see beauty again GMH.

On my birthday, nobody in my family remembered.

I was really upset, and ended up not wanting to celebrate or go out. My roommate found out how upset I was and immediately had her boyfriend bring a cake.

They cancelled their date that night just so I wouldn't be alone on my birthday.

Their caring for me, when my own family forgot, GMH

My boyfriend and I found out I'm pregnant one week ago.

When we told his parents they told him to leave me or find his own way to college.

He chose to stay with me.

2 days later he was offered a full ride athletic scholarship to a private college.

My boyfriend and God GMH

I moved to a new school about 3-4 months ago.

I still don't have many friends.

One day, I was walking to class and I saw this boy.

He just gave me a fist bump and smiled and walked away.

Now every day he gives me one or a high 5 and a huge hug.

He is deaf.

I may not know his name, but I adore him and he always makes my day!

His hugs and love GMH.