There is a girl in my class named Hannah, Everybody makes fun of her because she is Mentaly Challanged.

One day she stood up infront of the class and said " Look everybody, Just because I'm Menatly Challanged does not mean I'm Any Different than you" Hannah Gives me hope :).

Our neighbor's drunken son kicked his son out of the house.

The kid was so upset and just sat in the street crying. My mom went out there and comforted him and offered to call the police. The rest of my family complained that it was taking long and she shouldn't have gotten involved but she didn't care.

My mom GMH

When I was in grade 7 my class had a supply teacher for 3 months.
This teacher really became our friend and we all really liked her.
She was leaving after the christmas break.
On the last day before the break, her last day at my school, her best friend died.
She still came to school to say goodbye to all of us.
Ms prizzles, you GMH.
A White Tiger And A White Lion Had Babies And They Are The Cutest Things On The Planet

Meet Yeti, Odlin, Samson and Apollo!

Dr. Bhagvan Antle was the brains behind the operation. He had a white lion as well as a white tigress at his sanctuary. Through careful cross-breeding, him and his team were able to produce these beautiful little guys.

The Uncle of these little ligers is Hercules, the world’s largest cat… so clearly record setting runs in the family!

While it is POSSIBLE that white ligers have existed in the wild, they definitely have never existed within a zoo anywhere in the world before. Plus, given the geographical locations both inhabit, it would be super unlikely.

There are only 1,000 known ligers in the world, but this family makes the first white ligers known in existence. Even white tigers and white lions are somewhat rare themselves, so these creatures are INCREDIBLY unique. Not to mention adorable!

Here's one last one for good measure. It's also the cutest!


Today I went to dinner with my two friends.

My dads just lost his job and we're a little stretched at the moment but I managed to get some money. Both my friends are quite well off and were keen to go to an expensive burger shop.

Ashamed, I told them I only had $10. My friends immediately pitched in without a second thought.

Freya & Sam you GMH

I work in customer service at a grocery store and I sometimes encounter very rude customers.

Today, a woman was incredibly mean to me and left in a huff.

An hour later she came back and apologized for being rude. She said "God Bless You" and left.

No one has Ever come back to apologize. Her sincerity GMH