Lately I have been feeling really down and alone.

While a large amount of my friends overlooked my phase of depression, a middle school boy that I have never talked to came up and asked me if I was okay because I seemed sad over the past few days.

His awareness of another person's feelings GMH.
A member of my church was told she was soon going to die.

Her and her husband prayed that she would live to see her children grow up.

Their 35 year old daughter prepared Christmas dinner this year for all of the family, including her mother who is still going fifteen years after she asked for.

Answer to prayers gives me hope.
My car refused to start yesterday, so I asked you to look at it.

You not only told me what was wrong with it, but spent hours fixing it and paying for the parts while I was at work.

You then refused to let me pay you for any of insisting all I owed you was a lifetime of friendship.

What you didn't know was that I really needed a friend.

This summer while on a mission trip I worked for a kids club.

One of the days the craft was a stuffed turtle that had a pocket on it for a note.

Mayson, a 6 year old autistic boy decided he was going to give his to his baby sister.

The note read: "I love you lilly-bug."

A big brothers love GMH.

This past school year, a boy in my grade lost his mom to breast cancer.

His mom was always helping out and volunteering around our school. In honor of her, my school made an award for the parent who had done the most for the school that year. His entire family was the first ever recipient of the award.

Being appreciated even after you die GMH.