My mother is a foster mom to 8 amazing children.

She has been fostering for 22 years, and taken care of over 200 children.

She gives them love, hope, faith, encouragement, and the strength to know they are capable of being anything they want in life.

She loves those children like her own.

Her unselfish love for those who can't help themselves GMH.

Today is my birthday.

I had plans with my father to go out to eat. As usual, he cancelled on me.

When my friend, Sarah, found out, she drove to my house with a veggie burger, a lit candle on top, and sang me happy birthday.

She gives me hope.

Today I went to my sister's high school graduation ceremony.

A boy was killed earlier in the school year in a devistating car accident.

When the speaker announced his name, his whole family went to recieve his diploma.

When doing this, a crowd of 500 students and 2500 guests rose to their feet.

All our love to the lost soul GMH.

When I was 12 (I'm 15 now), I was in respiratory failure, diagnosed with a genetic form of COPD and told that if I had another asthma attack, I would very easily die.

I learned I'm deathly allergic to oak trees (I lived in SW Missouri)

My mom moved my family 4000 miles to Alaska away from the oak, and saved my life.

Her compassion GMH

My boyfriend has gone through it all.

He was born with a heart condition and had to have surgery at 2 years old. His parents split up when he was 8. His Mum died of cancer when he was 11, and his Dad has been given a year to live.

16 years old and he has been through hell yet he still smiles every day

Sean your amazing bravery GMH