It had been an awful week, and I was feeling depressed and very alone.

At 11:11 I wished to feel happy, and right then you called just to say hi.

You stayed on the line for hours to cheer me up, even though you had to wake up early the next day.Friends like you Give Me so much Hope.

Thank you.
When I was in primary school there was a special needs boy called Logan.At every lunch and recess I would play ice-cream shops in the cubby house.My friends started to try to get me out of it.Logan and I drifted apart.

Every now and then I would say hi.But he always seemed sad.

I asked him to play again.He smiled.

Logan your smile gives me hope.

I have a teacher I've know for a while.

When he first came to the school my life was not easy due to family problems and depression. Any time I had a problem, he would listen to me. He would tell me I have so much more potential and that he believed in me.

Mr.H, you saved me from doing something I would have not been able to live to regret. You GMH

My grandma had Alzeheimers for 8 years of her life.

She couldn't ever remember who anyone was.

Every single time we went to visit her she would smile at us and hug us, even though she had absolutely no idea who were or why we were in her house.

Her love for people despite the fact that she doesn't even recognize them GMH
One day, the "popular" kids in my class were making fun of a special education student.

When asked to join in, the new girl in class stood up at the front of the class, looked right at the kids and said, "I hope you're ashamed."

Everybody fell silent.Her courage before a class of 40 GMH.