I came out as bisexual to my best friend.
She smiled and asked what my parents said when I told them.
I looked at her and said;
I haven't told them yet, and I don't plan to any time soon.
So she looked at me and said she'd be there when I did.
Shelby, your love and acceptance GMH.
My (ex)boyfriend & I had been fighting more than often before we decided to stop talking.

I had self loathing issues, cut myself, anxiety, & battled depression.

Even though our relationship turned bad, he gave me the strength to finally care about myself & respect myself, & I wish I could thank him for that...

He passed away last month

A few months ago I attempted suicide.
I ended up in a wheelchair.
I was so afraid that no one would like me anymore.
For the past few months this boy has texted me every day saying: I still think you're the most beautiful girl in the world.
His love for me.
Dirty Mind? These 15 Sex Facts Are For You

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Overall an average of 33% of Americans claim to be dissatisfied with their sex life, and 81% are looking to make their sex life more interesting. Here are some helpful tips that help improve that percentage.The U.S. sex census also found information on a variety of topics, including frequency and satisfaction of sex by city and region, unwed vs. wed, experimental desires, preferred positions, dirty talk and casual sex preferences by gender. To find out more about the U.S. sex census click go here.

My gramp told my gram, 'I want to go to that Irish Dancing Fest.'

My gram then said (with tears in her eyes), "I've been wanting to go to that for years."

When she got out of the car my gramp said to me , "I really don't want to go but I know it means a lot to her"His love for her GMH.
I got a text yesterday, someone told me to kill myself.

My friend took my phone and sent a really long message telling them they were wrong.

He then looked at me and said

"Don't let them get to you.

I care"