I had been going through a lot lately. One day at the mall I couldn't help but cry.

A little girl walked by and saw me. She let go of her moms hand and sat next to me.

She said,"I don't know why your crying but your beautiful."

She GMH.

After my friend's fiance broke up with her, she was crying at the park.

An old man approached and asked, "Boy troubles?" She nodded.

He said, "Too many kids take their lives over silly things. Promise you won't be one of them."

Then he hugged her and bought her ice cream. Strangers, who care, GMH

I was at the mall with my boyfriend.

We saw cute roses for sell, but he had no money and this mentally challenged girl came up to us and looked at me and said "every beautiful girl deserves a flower" and handed me a rose.

Her random act of kindness GMH
In kindergarden, my best friend died during surgery.

I didn't know and I didn't get to say goodbye.

Her parents came to school and told me.

She died saving a drunk man from getting hit by a car

Jessa, you GMH.
My mother had a serious drug addiction.
When I was ten I left to live with my grandmother.

My mom was still doing drugs.
Now,I'm 13, and a few months ago I opened the door of my grandmothers car to get groceries.

Only to see my mother.
Today we celebrate her being clean for 18 months.

I have my mom back.
Her strength GMH.