I was at the self check-out at a grocery store.
I wore a T-shirt, so the scars on my wrists obviously showed. I had been cutting myself for three years.
The girl at the machine next to me then came over and took my hand.
"I'm so glad you're still here" was all she said.
She made her purchase and left. I haven't cut since.

During my freshman year, my friend Nick and I had a game where I could only get 1 hug a week from him.

That spring break, my brother passed away. The first day back to school, he hugged me, and whispered in my ear "you can have a hug whenever you want."

He passed away in September. I've never been so sure of someone going to Heaven.

Nick, you GMH

I recently came out as gay on Facebook.

After doing this I was overwhelmed with messages from my classmates, all whom were accepting.

Coming from a conservative catholic school it was surprising.

Class of 2013 you GMH.
6 Things You Should Know About Airplanes


Since 9/11 there have been visible changes in airport security. From more security guards to lots of new screening technology, catching a plane has certainly gotten more complicated since the tragic events that September day. What people don’t realize is that what you physically see is just part of the security policies employed in airports and airplanes. 

For example, air marshals work undercover on airplanes. In all likelihood, you will never know if there is an air marshal on your flight. They dress normally, but they actually carry gun and have the authority to make arrests. They are there both as a preventative measure, since potential hijackers know they might be on the flight, and also in case of emergency to take action. 

Since there are not enough air marshals to be on every flight, they are only on 5% of flights. The number 5% is a rough estimate because exact numbers are kept secret. The flights the marshals are on are also closely guarded secrets, so that no potential lawbreakers can plan knowing whether or not there is a marshal. 



One day, when I was 13, I came home from school sobbing and no one else was home.

I went to the bathroom and turned Pandora on my iPod.

I sat by the bathtub and cried as I gathered up enough courage to drown myself.

But Therapy by All Time Low came on.

ATL's music saved me and still GMH.
My boyfriend moved away last year right before summer started.

He didn't talk to me for a whole year.

This summer he came home, and gave me a letter saying 365 reasons of why he loves me.

He said "I missed you so much, I didn't know what to say so I wrote this for you."

Thomas, You GMH.