I have Aspergers syndrome.

My parents never loved me. I've suffered from depression on and off for 4 years. I have suicidal thoughts, and I cut regularly.

I confided in a worker at school. She made me feel loved, let me vent to her and she did everything she could for me.

Vanessa, your love, commitment and the fact you risked your job for me GMH!

A few new girls joined my church small group at Easter.

I was diagnosed with cancer just after I met them.

Despite their youth & the short time I have known them, they attend all my chemo sessions with me.

They bus straight from school to sit with me, even though it might only be for half an hour by the time they get there.

They all GMH
One of my dad's friends made a commercial about aids a while ago, with a man crying about his lost husband.

Last year, he saw that man and hugged him, and then told him how he knew him.

Then the guy told him "I was about to kill myself, but when I saw that video, I realized that there was something to live for. Now I owe my life to you."

A White Tiger And A White Lion Had Babies And They Are The Cutest Things On The Planet

Meet Yeti, Odlin, Samson and Apollo!

Dr. Bhagvan Antle was the brains behind the operation. He had a white lion as well as a white tigress at his sanctuary. Through careful cross-breeding, him and his team were able to produce these beautiful little guys.

The Uncle of these little ligers is Hercules, the world’s largest cat… so clearly record setting runs in the family!

While it is POSSIBLE that white ligers have existed in the wild, they definitely have never existed within a zoo anywhere in the world before. Plus, given the geographical locations both inhabit, it would be super unlikely.

There are only 1,000 known ligers in the world, but this family makes the first white ligers known in existence. Even white tigers and white lions are somewhat rare themselves, so these creatures are INCREDIBLY unique. Not to mention adorable!

Here's one last one for good measure. It's also the cutest!


When I was 13, my house burnt down.

Everyone was out of the house except me.

I had blacked out when I tripped and hit my head against the wall.

My 10 year old sister, ran inside the house through the fire and dragged me out, saving my life.

Her courage, GMH.

Today on my way home from work, a large truck in front of me slammed on his breaks on a busy road.

I was annoyed as I skidded to a stop behind him until I saw why: a baby duck had fallen off the curb and was having trouble getting up with it's mom.

The driver got out and nudged it up. GMH