I'm a Muslim.

Non-muslims who stuck up for me while I was being assaulted for being a Muslim GMH.

Truth is, most of them lost someone on 9/11. I love all religions, and respect them.

May Allah bless you all, you all give me hope!

Yesterday I was told my grandma was in hospital for heart failure

I went to visit her and the nurse said she hadn't spoken a word to anyone, because her body was half paralysed.

I sat by her side and smiled, she smiled back and said I love you.

Her love for me in any situation GMH.

Today, I found out my best friend used to self harm.

The reason she stopped? The most popular girl in our year saw her cuts one day, and told her about the things she went through, about the scars on her wrist. She probably saved my best friends life.

Maisie, your compassion for others will forever GMH.

My friend may die unless she gets a lung transplant.

This may not be posted and she may never see it, but Christina I love you and you are very amazing.

You are my best friend and no matter what happens that will never change.

You and all the people raising money for you GMH

My school is mostly on the homophobic side, being Southern.

I was going to the bathroom at a band meeting and saw written on the side, "It's about love, not gender."It just made my whole evening.The person who wrote that really GMH.